BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is a four-year undergraduate degree affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) . It is a technical degree that prepares students for a career in the field of computer applications and software development.  It is a common degree for CS/IT universities and is an alternative to the engineering counterpart, BE/BTech in Computer Science/IT which also takes four years. With a BCA, students can study for a masters in computer application.

This 4 years program in Computer Application has been started with an objective to produce qualified computer software developers having wide range of knowledge in the technical field. Students learn to solve computer based problems of different types of business and industries.

Mission of studying BCA

The mission of the Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) program is to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Computers, Business environment and IT Applications in Business.
  • Successfully understand & analyze technical data to reach actionable conclusions, including technological solutions to the business.
  • Learn technologies & IT languages, so the business problems could be addressed.
  • Develop competent technical writing skills so as to enable the graduate to communicate business ideas to senior management and general public.
  • To identify and sharpen their IT/programming skills.

Why BCA at Himalaya Darshan College?

  • In addition to an excellent teaching faculty, we have maintained the standard of being one of the top colleges in the country holding TU Toppers in different fields.
  • Our college is making a lot of efforts in producing well qualified and practically trained students who happen to be experts in their respective field (BCA in this case).
  • The Himalaya Darshan College also prepares their students to be prepared for higher level education after  BCA within and outside the country.
  • Furthermore, our college focuses more on developing practical skills, teamwork and creativity through different programs.
  • Himalaya Darshan College has a  very well-experienced and qualified team of determined faculty members with more than 20+ years of experience in their respective fields.


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate applying for Bachelor In Computer Application program must have:

  • Sucessfully completed  a twelve –year schooling or equivalent from any University, Board or Institution recognized by Tribhuwan University.
  • Secured a  minimum of second division(45%) or minimum C grade in all subjects in the twelve-year schooling or equivalent


Admission Criteria

Candidates who pass the entrance exam taken by university will be interviewed and then selected candidate from interview will be eligible for admission.



Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) Course Structure

Course Structure:
Computer Application core courses 71 (4*2+ 3*21) credit hours
Elective Courses 12 (3+3+3+3) credit hours
Mathematics and Statistics courses 9 ( 3+3+3) credit hours
Language courses 6 (3+3) credit hours
Social science and management courses 15 (3+3+3+3+3) credit hours
Internship/Project 13 (2+2+6+3) credit hours
Total Credit hours 126

BCA Syllabus and Course Structure

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CACS151 C Programming 4
CAAC152 Financial Accounting 3
CAEN153 English II 3
CAMT154 Mathematics II 3
CACS155 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture 3
Total 16

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CACS201 Data Structure and Algorithm 3
CAST202 Probability and Statistics 3
CACS203 System Analysis and Design 3
CACS204 OOP in Java 3
CACS205 Web Technology 3
Total 15

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CACS251 Operating System 3
CACS252 Numerical Methods 3
CACS253 Software Engineering 3
CACS254 Scripting Language 3
CACS255 Database Management System 3
CAPJ256 Project I 2
Total 17

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CACS301 MIS and E-Business 3
CACS302 DotNet Technology 3
CACS303 Computer Networking 3
CAMG304 Introduction to Management 3
CACS305 Computer Graphics and Animation 3
Total 15

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CACS351 Mobile Programming 3
CACS352 Distributed System 3
CAEC353 Applied Economics 3
CACS354 Advanced Java Programming 3
CACS355 Network Programming 3
CAPJ356 Project II 2
Total 17

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CACS401 Cyber Law and Professional Ethics 3
CACS402 Cloud Computing 3
CAIN403 Internship 3
N/A Elective I 3
N/A Elective II 3
Total 15

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CAOR451 Operation Research 3
CAPJ452 Project III 6
N/A Elective III 3
N/A Elective IV 3
Total 15

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CAPS476 Applied Psychology 3
CACS477 Geographical Information System 3
CACS478 IT in Banking 3
CACS479 Hotel Information System 3
CAER480 Enterprise Resource Planning 3
CACS482 Knowledge Engineering 3
CACS483 Advanced DotNet Technology 3
CACS484 Database Programming 3
CACS485 Database Administration 3
CACS486 Network Administration 3
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